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“What Les did to Big Yellow Taxi was genius!”
It was such an awesome show! Les, you are a genuinely great guy, so polite and down to earth. I'm so happy that I got the chance to chat with you and take a few pictures! Come back to Pop's in Sauget, IL again soon! You will always be well-received!
Les Stroud’s cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” is punctuated with a soulful blend of harmonica and country-tinged guitar work. The passion and charisma laid down by Stroud here is unparalleled. A crystal-clear production ensures that each constituent element is able to shine alone or in tandem with the rest of the contributing elements on Big Yellow Taxi. The brooding instrumentation that plays in the backdrop stands in for the unquenchable desires of multinational corporations to destroy the world. The track may be over fifty years old at this point, but still holds tremendous relevancy in this current era.
Awesome show at Sturgis! It was amazing watching perform your music for the first time. As other people have said, your crowd interaction was kick ass! I live in a town close to Sturgis and drove there right away when I heard you were playing. Went just to see you. You are a true inspiration and just a ball of talent. Amazing, man. Thank you.
Fantastic show last night at Mill City Nights! This guy can do anything: filmmaker, survival specialist, producer, singer-songwriter, guitarist and a fantastic blues harp player! Catch if you can sometime live, you won't regret it!
Great show at Pop’s. Had an awesome time
Seriously, buy Survivorman's rock album, he is killer on the guitar!
Went to your show at Pop’s. I'll admit, I went because I'm a big fan of your show and had no idea what to expect as far as your music but I was blown away! Now I'm a fan of your show and your music! I really enjoyed your interaction with the crowd, laid back atmosphere and meet and great afterward. Great stuff bro! Hope you make it back though again some time!
We loved having you here in Sturgis! Come back soon!
I didn’t know you were playing until I walked into Easyriders. You did a fantastic job! Keep it up!
Great show! Enjoyed the music and the Q&A opportunity!
Great night!
We saw your show at Mill City Nights. Great show and it was an honor to meet you after.
Great show! Loved the format of it
Thanks for a fantastic time!
Thanks for a great show!
Fantastic show, had a great time! So gracious of you to make yourself available for pictures, autographs, & conversation. So nice to meet you
It was a great show! Hope you come again.
Great show at Pop’s Les!
Great show Les. Nice to have met you finally. Love you guys
It was great to see him. Had fun. Great show. Music, stories and videos.
Great show, amazing talent on the stage. That guy can play a harmonica and a guitar with the best of them. Pure down home heck of a guy. Thank you again for the time Les Stroud
The crew was amazing at czar bar. Very entertaining and great music. We enjoyed every minute. Thanks Les!
Show was awesome.
Thanks for a great show!
It was a great show! Loved the music.
Thanks for playing KC! Had a blast at the show! Thanks for the cd recommendation!
It was an awesome fun show! Thank YOU Les, Ian, "Bongo Man", and all the supporting cast of characters.
Thank you for coming to Kansas City. Can't wait for you to come back
Had a great time!! The show was a great experience.
Had so much fun. Thank you Les! You rock!
The KC show was amazing! It was just what my soul needed last week. Great music and stories! Thank you!
I saw your show at Czar Bar in KC. The performance was spectacular! It was good to see you again and to meet other fans.
Thank you for a great show! It was so nice to meet such a talented, humble, down to earth guy. Thank you for taking the time to sign autographs, take pictures, and talk with us after the show! I can't say enough good things about you! I hope you come back soon!
 We had a great time! Thank you so much for the awesome show and time afterward! We continue to be huge fans!
Concert blew us away! Thank you for an amazing show and for taking the time for autographs after!
Best meet and greet ever! Les, you're the man! Great music and awesome stage performance. 
Thanks for coming! One of the best nights I've had in a very long time. My admiration and respect continues to grow for you! Such a great show and experience!
Les, that is by far the most awesome show I have been to! We all had a blast ! Just one more request…come back as soon as you can, we will be there!
It was an awesome show! One of the best I've been to in the last 15 years!!
Amazing last night in MN! Thank you for knowing my name from my posts.I still can't believe that it's you who reads them. Seeing you and listening to you speak gave me a new found respect and connection to mother earth. Thank you for doing what you do and for giving the younger generations knowledge and respect for mother nature.
My husband, Jason Jordon, and I had an amazing time at the Czar Bar. We loved the intimacy of the venue and the acoustic set you shared. We brought a couple of friends who had never heard your music and they loved it. You and your band are so talented! My favorites were "Never Intended" and "Three Cheers." Your blues harp train ending in "Amazing Grace" gave us chills. Thank you for a great night of music, stories, and fun. 
Awesome show at Pops. Thank you for great time! I loved the personal atmosphere at your show. It proved that you really are a down to earth person who not only cares about mother earth but also for your fans. All I can say is your show was more than a show, it was an awesome experience put on by your entire group.
Czar Bar. Great show. Loved the interaction with the audience intertwined with outstanding music. Thanks and hope you can get close again.
Such an amazing show. It was one of the most moving concerts I've ever been too. Your lyrics were so motivational and beautiful and the music left me awestruck. I will always remember that night
I saw your show at Mill City in MN and I'm still thinking about it! I enjoyed every minute of it and thought it was very well done. The last song you played with the video of the perils of the earth and her creatures combined with the hope for the future was simply amazing, beautiful, and powerful. I would go see your show again in a heartbeat! I can't think of anything I would have changed other than a longer playtime if the venue would have allowed it.
Excellent example of the modern blues tradition. Infuses a bit of the soul of old-time rock'n roll with classic bluesmanship. Combines the essence of traditional blues with a contemporary heart. Superb usage of the harmonica.
His passionate approach to life has won him a REAL fan base: people who yearn to test themselves against nature, but seldom get the chance. Les is a throw-back to the days when men were MEN and not contestants on reality shows. You'll never see a man like Les Stroud making news in airport restrooms, or church confessionals. TWO THUMBS UP, Les, for reminding us that life is IN the living, not in the spectating!

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